Magical Girl Primula

magical-girl-primula0001Hello everyone! Today I am posting a picture that is a part of a series of illustrations I’m doing. I really enjoy magical girl shows and just generally coming up with characters so I thought designing my own magical girls (and boys? :3c) as a personal project might be a fun idea. The goal with this project is to *hopefully* be able to release some kind of art book with all the illustrations made from this.

This girl here is named Primula, she’s just starting her magical girl journey at the age of 17. The building in the back is the magical “agency” she’s apart of. If you are thinking, “Why does that kind of look like an office with a castle-like tower on it??”, I would tell you, because that IS an office building with a castle-like tower on it! In this world, magical girls & guys are a lot like Japanese idols. Whaaaaaat! Later I’ll have a post that gives a little more detail on the world of these characters but for now, here are some “process” pictures for this illustration.

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Character Design 06-25-2015 – Jean


I thought about labeling this as an art post in the title but then I thought maybe making character design specific posts might be neat? This one doesn’t go too much into detail on anything, just some sketches and drawings I did of a character idea I had. You can kind of see the character slowly developing with each picture. This picture at the top is the first sketch I did of Jean (or maybe just first color sketch… he might be floating around in another file as well…).

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Art Post 03/20/2015 – Idolm@ster


Hey hey! Decided to post some of the Idolm@ster pictures I’ve drawn. I had originally posted them on Twitter and Tumblr but never made a proper post for them on here… Also on a related note, I’m really enjoying Cinderella Girls! It’s a really good show and I find myself re-watching the episodes~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I have to say, I am pretty happy with how this Ranko picture came out.

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Hello Again! Plus New Art!


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted on here! Sorry about that… Let’s see if I can get back into the swing of things this year. Maybe that will be my New Year’s resolution, post more. If you REALLY want to see a lot of “updates” from me,I’m probably most active on Twitter right now but I plan on posting more sketches and such on here as well. As for site news, I updated the look of the site (wooo), going to add some more header images soon. I’m also going to try adding either a side bar widget or a page on here that shows what conventions I will be selling at for the year so, that should be up on here soon.


As for this picture, this is the most recent one I have finished. She’s not a particular character, just wanted to draw something where I wasn’t focused on the story or idea of the character. Played around with lighting and got some background practice in as well!


You can also find this image on: deviantArtTumblrTwitter