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Anime Expo 2014 – Figures

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To go along with my Anime Expo 2014 post, here are all the anime figures I saw while there! Not much to say, just a little commentary on some of the photos.


Anime Expo 2014

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I finally finished going through all of my photos from Anime Expo! I actually took more pictures than I thought I did. I had to split these into two posts again. The other post will feature figures, while this post will feature booths and pretty much everything else I saw at Anime Expo.



Hello everyone! Finally an art post! Only took me how long…? I’ve been busy prepping for Anime Expo, basically drawing as much as I can before then so, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on other things (like this website). I finally finished drawing the main 5 guys from Free!, you can see the full versions by clicking “more” or just scrolling down!


WonderCon 2014

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It’s been a while! Recently I went to WonderCon in Anaheim, California to exhibit at their artist alley. This was my first year exhibiting and attending WonderCon, it’s more of a comic book convention but there was plenty of anime and other things there. I went to Wizard World Comic-Con the previous month and that one mostly consist of just comics and movies.


Sketches 02/19/2014 – Uta no Prince-sama

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Fanart time! What better way to practice drawing guys than to draw characters from one of your favorite shows? “Larein, these sketches don’t really look like you were practicing.” SHHH, just enjoy the sketches.


Sketches 02/09/2014 – Luka Megurine

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Morning Stars

It was Luka’s birthday/anniversary a few days ago and I’m a horrible fan and didn’t have anything ready in time for it. So, enjoy this wonderfully late Luka appreciation post!


Walking With You

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walking-with-youAaaaannnnddd, BAM! A finished picture! Keeping with what I said on here, my first completed picture of the year is of two original characters of mine! On the left we have Oskar von Wechsler, a wealthy man who only wants to be left alone. On the right is Caecelia, the woman who won’t leave Oskar alone. That is the very basic, not very descriptive, summary of who they are. This picture is sort of after they have known each other for a little while. So, Caecelia has become a more welcome presence to Oskar. Kind of.


SacAnime Winter 2014

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Setup for SacAnime 2014First convention of the year, SacAnime Winter! Tried to take a lot of pictures but, it was a little hard since I didn’t want to spend too much time away from my table. ~_~ Had no problems with check-in and set up was easy. Things I learned this time when setting up, need a bigger table cloth, also might look into buying more wire cubes so I can have more prints displayed. Though I still have to keep height limits in mind for some conventions. Some of the new little display things I tried out I was happy with. I just need to make some better signs now.



Happy New Year everyone! It’s the start of a new year which means the start of many conventions. I will be starting my year off almost immediately with one this weekend at SacAnime! I’ll be in the back at table AA25~ I have some new things to sell, as well as some previous items. This time around I will have a complete set of Vocaloid buttons! I realize technically this isn’t complete because of the number of Vocaloids out there but, I was mostly trying to make all the Crypton ones! Gumi and Gakupo are just a bonus! The Idolm@ster set and Mami set will be returning, as well as the Sasha button. There’s a small chance of a few other buttons being added but, only if time allows it. As for other items…


Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone that still looks at my site! It’s been a while! Sorry about totally neglecting my website, I took on pretty much a full semester this time for schoo. Boy, did that keep me busy and many other things… I’ve been drawing plenty though. I’ve just been mostly posting on my twitter and Tumblr since I hadn’t really made anything worth making a whole post about. So, for a bit of news, I will probably try to update the look of the site a bit. This will probably just be very minor, mostly new header images and maybe a new page added. As for other things…