Magical Trickster Velvet

magical_trickster_velvet0001Another magical girl enters the scene! And just in time for Halloween! Though to be honest, I didn’t actually draw this with the intention of making it a Halloween picture. As it got closer to the date I figured, “Well, might as well save it for Halloween?” This girl’s name is Velvet, she is a magical girl who enjoys playing tricks on people instead of helping them. Though she might help you out if you really need it.

For this picture, I decided to try out some nighttime lighting. It was pretty interesting, I think I’m pretty happy with how the colors came out on this one. I also enjoyed drawing making this pose. The design of the outfit took a little while, I didn’t want to make something overly detailed but I also didn’t want it to be super simple.


She gets a kick out of surprising her fellow magical girls as well.